A little information about me, your developer :) Just some boring stuff for most... but if your really want you can get to know me better :)

Hi, My name is Lukasz and I am an indie app developer for iOS (iphone/ipad apps on the appstore) from Warsaw (Poland). I started writing, designing and publishing my first apps on the appstore some time ago. I do all the work on my apps by myself, from initial idea throughout the design and finishing on writing the code.

Before my adventure with mobile apps started, I worked as a system administrator in a Children’s Hospital in Warsaw and as a corporate IT specialist in one of the major localization/translation company. Those were quite nice jobs, but they missed the creative aspect of work, which is one of most important factors for me.

Aside from working on apps most of the time, I spend as much time as possible with my family, wife and my little daughters. As for my interests, I’m interested in many different kind of things, like technology, science, politics, pop culture and lately travel. That’s the general information about me, feel free to contact my via email / facebook / twitter or contact form if you have any questions or feedback :)