You think you’ve seen it all? Multiple Test Apps, Fart Apps, Virtual Beverages Apps, Virtual Gun Apps, Facts/Trivia Apps and all those Sexy Apps, THOSE apps are really great stuff apps, but our MORONIZER app is the next TOP thing… don’t believe me? TRY it for YOURSELF!!! We CAN guarantee that YOU have never seen an APP like this before!!! It is filled with 100% Craziness and Madness. Challenging games (Five of Them and more coming in next updates) that won’t let you sleep at night! We’ve got GAMES!!! We’ve got MADNESS!!! We’ve got TRIVIA!!! We’ve got PHRASES straight out of our Brain JAR!!! We’ve got ACHIEVEMENTS!!! We’ve got UNLIMITED LIVES – GOD mode is ON here, try IT Dude!!! Our special Team of Space Cosmic Alien Monkey Babies designed all those just for YOU!!! No need to worry, THEY have been paid with REAL money, not those SPACE BANANA DOLLARS!




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UniversaliPad HD

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